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24 x 7 Active Supports

Our Technical Department is full-fledged with impulsive staffs are there for 24 hours, 7 days and 365 days support in a year with the multiple system administrators through the state of the art helpdesk.

Response time

We assure an instant response as “we know how to burn the midnight oil”. The response time that we offer ranges from 2-13 minutes. In spite of the complexity of the issue

Constant research and analysis

The team of Iserver has expertise in the latest technologies. For that, they constantly research on the upcoming technologies and possibilities that help our customers to run the servers more efficiently


Mircosoft Azure

Our experts are ready to take over the challenges of deploying scalable apps and instances on azure cloud platform.

Amazon AWS Support

Our expertise take care of all your day-to-day operations with enterprise level service and management for your AWS instances.

Plesk Support

Best designed plesk server management plan with Plesk onyx certified techs will manage your server round the clock.


Cloud Transformation Services

Cloud Support Plans

Cloud Management Services

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How to Detect Outbound Server Attack

This article describes how to detect outbound server attack and tackle abuse complaints on your web hosting environments. It’s not a secret and if you yourself are a linux ... systems administrator or a website developer or someone who is dealing with production environments, you are already well-aware of the three demons we have to face almost every day on the servers we are managing which are “Spamming”, “Phishing” and “Abuse Complaints”.

Posted 3 days ago

How to fix Deceptive Site Ahead

Deceptive site ahead is quite common page for infected website with malware’s or spywares. Generally, this vulnerability comes from outdated scripts, third-party plugins, or vulnerable themes...

Posted 3 days ago

How to deal with high load on servers

High load causes lots of problem on your servers. It’s one of those problems which is equivalent to server down and effects your service level agreement along with your company’s reputation at stake. Given the competitive hosting industry market... someone can really ill afford to let their servers face high load and server down issues.

Posted 4 days ago


Richard Perris

“Always very helpful and give great advice, and always going the extra mile to help. Since I have used them to manage my server I have had a lot less problems and seen much-improved uptime. Really glad that I signed with them. They have a can do attitude and always do what is required in a fast and professional way.”


What happens after I signup?

You will receive an email from our company requesting that you access our ticket system and provide us the login information to your server(s), a list of those in your company authorized to communicate with us on your behalf, a list of emergency contacts we may call during a server emergency, and your hosting providers support access details in case we need to reboot your server or troubleshoot a networking, power or hardware issue.

Is my information kept secure?

Yes. All protected data such as logins and passwords you provide to us using the sensitive data fields in our ticketing system will be automatically deleted from our system within 24 hours of us closing the ticket. The logins and password data we send to you are also subject to this deletion. Additionally, our production system is contained within our locked rack in the PhoenixNAP datacenter and all login access to it is blocked except traffic from our own internal network. You can also change any of the passwords you provide to us after the initial management setup is complete.

Is your support 24/7/365?

Yes, we have been providing dependable 24/7/365 Linux server support.

Does your backup work with any Linux server and any control panel?

Yes. The backups can be used to back up any Linux server with any control panel or no control panel at all. For control panel servers, we install scripts to make the restoration of the control panel data much easier.

How do I access the backups

If your server is also covered by our server management service we will handle any restorations for you. But if you want to directly access the backups, the login information for the backup container is contained in our support portal under the backup service. You must add the IP address you will be accessing the backup from in the support portal. You will then be able to access the backups via WinSCP (which acts much like a graphical FTP client), rsync or regular “black screen” SCP.

Is there any fixed term contract?

Due to the time involved in setting our Linux Server Backup service, we ask customers to stay at least three months after signing up. Most stay indefinitely.


Please let us know if you have any questions about our services and management plans, We will be happy to assist you.