Mircosoft Azure

In today’s competitive business world, the majority of the businesses focus on optimizing and managing cloud infrastructure resources to leverage a competitive edge in the market. To make the most out of the cloud solutions, many businesses choose Microsoft Azure that effectively integrates with their existing IT environment. Azure is a feature-packed platform which includes integrated tools, pre-built templates, networking, analytics, storage, computing, database and so forth that lets your business to be more agile and move faster at a significant cost. Even though Azure brings forth a host of benefits, managing the infrastructure, security, and operations is a tedious task that can distract the organizations from achieving the core business objectives. ServerAdminz extends solutions for the businesses that encounter these challenges by offering 24*7 Azure management. Our dedicated Azure experts can design, build, operate, optimize, monitor and manage your Azure environments while you can focus on your business growth. Right from provisioning, proactive monitoring to deployment and load balancing, we ensure to make your business benefit most out of the cloud infrastructure.

Azure Management Plans and Features

Azure Consulting

Our Azure consultants can help you to develop and refine your cloud strategy and to deploy Azure into your environment. We suggest Azure solutions that best fits your business and our consulting services help you to meet the growing demands of business.

Azure Migration

Our advanced Azure migration services enable your business-critical applications and existing infrastructure to move to cloud seamlessly. Our cloud architects utilize cutting-edge technologies to ensure the smooth transition of on-premise hybrid or public clouds to Azure.

Azure Security

Our 24 x 7 x 365, Azure security solutions are designed to keep your Azure environment stable and secure. We perform server hardening, intrusion detection, patch monitoring, log management, file integrity monitoring etc

Monitoring and Support

We provide comprehensive Azure management services to equip your business with round-the-clock support. We configure, monitor, manage, automate, and secure your cloud infrastructure for the smooth running of your IT operations at an optimal cost.

Backup and Restoration

Azure Backup services offer comprehensive backup services and effectively organize your backup data while offering high-availability, low downtime, and minimal disruption. Our flexible disaster recovery services can recover your critical data and application processes and protect your on-premise environment from a major loss.